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What happens when my profile is private?


No automatic following

Users need to send you a follow request to interact with you or view the details of your profile.


Locked profile picture

Users who are not your followers won’t be able to expand or use your profile picture to create a fake account.


Privacy of posts

Stop strangers from posting unwanted or random comments on your posts. Your posts will only be visible in your own profile and in the follow feed of your followers. Also, no one will be able to download your posts.


No unwanted messages

Now only people who you approve can message you or people with whom you have started a conversation first. This will stop/reduce unwanted messages received from strangers in your inbox.


No personal information is public

This includes your gender, sun sign, groups you have joined or are admins for, top creator status, following and followers list. All of this information can only be viewed by your followers.